Prix on Flix – Ep 23 – “He’s On Holiday”

Thursday Green Door Network Show:

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“Prix on Flix” hosted by Kris and Vince.  This week we find our dear host Vince “on holiday” and filling in for him is Mr. Scott.  Kris and Scott talk about the new film “Annihilation” and that writer/director’s last film “Ex Machina.” They also talk a little about “Tomb Raider” and the Return of “Rosanne” to Prime Time television.  The highlight of this week’s show is the effect the new one-shot “documentary/reality show” film “The Push” had on Kris and Scott.  The “SPOILER-ALERT” timestamp on that is 46min-23 secs to 1hour-2min-32 seconds.  Again thank you all for listening. If you enjoy the show pleases subscribe on iTunes and also tell a friend.

Hurry back Vince, we miss you.

Please call the mrrrfrgrrin voicemail man! Do it! Thank you everyone.

Prix on Flix Voicemail line is: 1-219-649-1071

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