Prix on Flix – Ep 22 – “Musically Interrupted”

Thursday Show.

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“Prix on Flix” hosted by Kris and Vince.  This week the guys talk bout their weekly TV and Movie viewings.  They also talk about their weekly Revisit and Homework.  About halfway through the show, the guys get pleasantly interrupted for a few minutes by Joe Riley of Musically Meditated.  It was a very cool, but short conversation.

Some of the things talked aboutin this episode : Jumanji (3min 30 secs), Outsider (15min 40 secs), Jessica Jones Season 2 (33min), Survivor Season One Billion (55min).

Shout-Out to Duneside Liquors in Portage,IN and Pat’s Liquors in Porter, IN.  What would the podcast be without your help in supplying the guys with all the tasty beers you offer in your stores?  Thanks for the support.

Call the Voicemail line at: 1-219-649-1071

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