Prix on Flix – Ep 20 – “Sretenless”

Thursday Show.

“Prix on Flix” hosted by Kris and Vince.  This week the guys are on their own.  Sans Producer.  Some may say the show is much much better without him, others (Kris) think it might have gone off the rails.  You tell us dear and loyal listeners. Kris and Vince do have some great conversation on and off topic.  Tangents are plenty in this one, but it is a great Episode 20.   Thank you to everyone that has helped get us this far.  We are that much closer to Episode 100.  Call the voicemail line, WE DARE YOU. Call it call it call it. Don’t be scared. Do it.  Thank you.

Call the Voicemail line at: 1-219-649-1071

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