Musically Meditated – Episode 71 – “5 Elements of Hip Hop” with MC Seizure

Episode 71 Everyone!  Getting so close to 100 we can smell it in the air.  

This week Joe is joined by MC Seizure.  Seizure is in the running for the most prolific artist/musician that Joe has had on his show.This guys does it all.  Listen as Joe and Gabriel talk about the 5 Elements of Hip Hop.  Gabriel has switched a few elements to include “The Element of Sneaker Collection” and “Skateboarding.”

The guys swap stories of musical influence and hip hop love as well as the hardcore scene in Northwest Indiana and Chicago.

There’s a special treat at the end of this episode:

Song 1 – “Hate Combined” by Penitentiary

Song 2 – “HAIL MARY PASS PLAY” by MC Seizure

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