Musically Meditated – Episode 36 – “Happy Birthday Hip Hop”

Green Door Network Monday Show:

Here we go everyone! Episode 36.  Let’s start that countdown to 50!

WARNING: Sreten drank tequila and shared it with Joe.  This episode is very relaxing.  Sreten is a little too relaxed.  Listen for the great content, especially listen if you had a stressful day.  It will chill you out.

This week Joe and Sreten have a Happy Birthday Hip Hop show.  We talk about the history of NWA and the birthdays of some legends: Happy Birthday Ice Cube, MC Ren, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Crazy Bone, and Prodigy.  Thanks for the inspiration and great music.  We also get into it during the “I like, don’t like what you like” segment with the story of XXXTenacion’s death.  Sreten loses his train of thought, and thank godness Joe keeps him on track.

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