Musically Meditated – Ep 66 – “Metal and Mead”

This week Joe is joined by Scott Haller from Hobart Lumber Company and Aaron Schavey from Boneflower Meadery.
This episode has it all. Gear talk. Metal talk. Mead talk. What is mead? How do you drink mead? Where do you get mead? Is mead the oldest alcoholic beverage? (psssst, it is) How did Boneflower start? We answer most of these questions.

Joe and Scott and Aaron are all self professed “Metal Heads” and they get into it this week.

They swap “drinking with Mastadon stories,” the impact Deftones – “Diamond Eyes” had on everyone, how awesome Alice in Chains was at their height.

Joe and the guys talk about their most anticipated albums of 2019. Hopefully Tool, the Deftones, Cloakroom, Russian circles, Gojira, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Torch, Baronesse, Pelican, The Roots, Danny Brown, Freddy Gibbs, Clipping, Injury Reserve, and Cattle Decapition all drop albums this year and make 2019 a monster of a year for music.

Thank you to Scott and everyone at Hobart Lumber Company for supporting the show.

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