Musically Meditated – Ep 50 – Ricky Dedication – “Can’t We Just Be Rational”

Episode 50 is a very special one.

When Joe and I (Sreten) first started the podcast, we recorded test episode with Joe’s very good friend Ricky Pontney. Joe and Ricky and I just sat down together and recorded a podcast with no particular topic in mind. We had a great conversation about music, meditation, and comedy.
Unfortunately Ricky passed away last January. We thought it would be special to dedicate episode 50 to Ricky by using the audio from that very first time we recorded the together. We knew Joe loved talking music, but we didn’t know what the podcast would be called or what the future topics would be. Joe and had just I met and decided to do a test recording and Joe brought his friend Ricky.
Ricky was a well of information on all kinds of topics, and I really enjoyed having this time with him, limited as it was.
On behalf of everyone involved with the show, we want to give our continued condolences to the Pontney family.

Rest In Peace Ricky, thanks for coming in and helping us start Musically Meditated and the Green Door Network.
We miss you.

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