Musically Meditated – Ep 49 – “The RETURN of KG”

This week Joe has returning guest Keith Gough back to talk Metal, Metal, Metal.  The go back and forth about their top metal releases of 2018.  They are not in order of rank, Joe and Keith just list four each.  Here they are.


Yashira – “Shrine,”

Panopticon – “The Scar of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness,” Khemmis – “Desolation,” and

Amorphis – “Queen of Time.”


Pig Destoyer – “Head Cage,”

Gruesome – “Twisted Prayers,”

Tomb Mold – “Manner of Infinite Forms,” and

Birds in Row – “We Already Lost the World.”

Honorable Mentions:

Celeste – Live set on AudioTree and YouTube

Jesus Piece – “Only Self”

Alters of Grief – “Iris”


Baptist – “Beacon of Faith”

Harm’s Way (Chicago Band)

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