Musically Meditated – Ep 34 – Deafheaven “Sunbather” Birthday

Monday Green Door Network Show:

Hey everyone, Episode 34 coming at you, so close to 50 we can taste it.
This week it’s just Joe and Sreten, but we do have a friend that pops in at the end.
This week Joe talks about: recent album anniversaries for Wu-Tang Forever and N.W.A. Happy birthday to The D.O.C., Big L, and Morrissey.  Joe starts a new segment called ”Easy how you speaking bro idk if you friend or foe” AKA “Love Mail/Hate Mail.”  Joe also has an in depth and extremely personal Album discussion of “Sunbather” by DeafHeaven.  It’s the 5 year anniversary of “Sunbather” and Joe has a lot of history attached to this album.  RIP Grandpa Whitaker.
We top the show off with a little “I like, don’t like what you like.”
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