Musically Meditated – BONUS Ep – A Very Special Interview with “Detour North”

Detour North came to the Studio to have a conversation about their music and new album “It’s History, It’s Poetry.” Joe and the guys have a great conversation about their musical influences and some theories about the current state of mainstream music and radio. It’s really fun.

They’re having an Album Release Show at Bottom Lounge on Sunday August 12th. We hope to see you there.

Listen to the end, we play two new songs by the band:
1) “It’s History, It’s Poetry”
2) “You’re a Saint/I’m a Nonbeliever”

Stay tuned and make sure you SUBSCRIBE, in a week or two we’ll be posting a live acoustic performance by Detour North inside Green Door Books. It was an awesome.

Make sure you check out Detour North’s new album, links below.

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